A Look At The Wildlife In Canada

Wildtiere die Sie in Kanada sehen können

wildlife Kanada - overview

Canada is home to an impressive array of wildlife. The country is home to an incredible twenty ecozones. Fifteen of them are terrestrial zones, and five of them are marine zones. A variety of animals live within these zones.

Many different types of animals can be found in Canada, both large and small. Read on to get a closer look at the wildlife in Canada.


While beavers can be found in many parts of the world, they are native to Canada. In fact, this large-toothed creature is the national animal of Canada. It isn’t at all unusual to see a beaver while exploring the Canadian wilderness.

The Canada Lynx

At a glance, someone might think that this nocturnal animal is an unusually large house cat. When you look closer, however, you will be able to notice the lynx’s more interesting features. The Canadian Lynx has unusually-shaped ears and a large amount of fur. They are most commonly seen in Canadian forests.


The wolverine is another type of animal that is commonly associated with Canada. While its name may suggest a connection with wolves, it is actually a part of the weasel family. Wolverines can behave aggressively when they feel threatened.


Canada is home to many forests, and moose tend to thrive in forests. It has been estimated that there are as many as a million moose in Canada.

The Beluga Whale

Beluga Wal in KanadaBeluga whales are small when compared to many other types of whales, but that is part of their charm. These petite whales — which are native to Canada — are known for their unusual communication system. They can communicate with other whales through whistles and chirps. They often use this communication system to warn other whales of impending dangers.

Canadian Geese

The Canada Goose is easy to distinguish from other types of geese. Their heads and necks are black, with a white v-pattern around their faces. These birds are able to fly for longer distances than many other types of geese.

The Bighorn Sheep

While bighorn sheep are fairly large, these stocky animals weigh more than you might expect. Why is that? Their large, rounded horns make up an incredible 10% of their body mass. The average bighorn sheep weighs approximately 300 pounds.

The Silver-Haired Bat

This petite bat is commonly found around Canada’s forest lakes. These bats like to feed off of insects, especially moths.

The Virginia Opossum

The Virginia opposum is one of Canada’s only marsupials. It makes its home in the country’s more humid forests. These creatures are famous for feigning their own death when they sense danger. They typically live less than two years in the wild.

Now that you have taken a look at the wildlife in Canada, you can see how diverse the fauna of Canada really is. This diversity has lead to a large amount of Canadian wildlife tourism. It is important that people work to protect the animals of Canada so that future generations can appreciate them.

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Politische Parteien in Kanada | Ein Überblick

Die politische Landschaft in Kanada

Wahlplakat in KanadaPolitics is always a difficult thing to understand, especially looking at a political party system such as the type active in Canada. While in the United States there are two major parties that are the same organization from top to bottom with several third parties that have extremely limited followings, political parties in Canada are a very different thing.

Parties On The Federal Level

While you will find parties labled „liberal“ and „conservative“ at the federal level, these are very different from those parties on a provincial level. It’s also worth noting that these labels at the federal level of things can be far different from parties who believe the same (or different) things at lower levels.

This means party affiliations can have a more fluid definition. It’s possible for two liberals or two conservatives to take very different views on an important matter and even be in contradiction with a local party of the same name back home.

House Of Commons

House of commons KanadaThere are currently five political parties that are recognized in the House of Commons. Liberals are the current majority, with the Conservative party being on the other side. The New Democratic Party is heavily focused on labor and tends to join with the Liberal branch. Bloc Quebecois currently holds 10 seats while one seat his held by the Green Party.

These numbers can obviously shift election to election, but generally speaking Liberals, Conservatives, and New Democrats make up the majority of seats in the House of Commons with a few seats getting split up among lesser parties from election to election.

This often demands a pluarality of parties working together amongst political parties in Canada since very rarely will one party have over half of the seats.

Federal Senate

The Federal Senate tends to be a bit narrower in representation. Currently it is split between conservative senators, liberal senators, and independent senators who don’t fully subscribe to either of the other two major parties. As of 2016 before new elections the split was:

Conservative Party 42 Senators
Liberal Party 26 Senators
Independents 19 Senators

Because of how political parties are split in Canada, it is fully possible that many senators who are independents closely relate to a local party at the provincial level.

Other Recognized Parties

Just as with the United States, Canada has many recognized political parties that currently don’t have major attention or representation at the federal level but have been around long enough or have enough pockets of regional support that they are still consistently recognized as an option during election time.

The main focus of these parties can vary immensely, be around one main issue or several, and some might seem clearly liberal or conservative in nature while others are much harder to pin down. While this might seem strange at first, don’t forget the U.S. has dozens of smaller political parties with Green, Libertarian, Constitution, and Reform parties being just a few of the „major minor“ options.

Just a short list of some of the other recognized political parties in Canada include:
– Alliance of the North
– Animal Alliance/Environment Voters
– Communist Party of Canada
– Christian Heritage Party
– Communist Party
– Marijuana
– Strength in Democracy

As you can see, there are many interesting parties that make up the fabric of Canada’s political system.

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Grenzkontrolle Kanada: Was Sie Wissen Müssen

Einreise nach Kanada – Die Grenzkontrolle

Grenzkontrolle Kanada - BeamteWhen most people in the United States think of border control they instantly think of the southern border with Mexico. Some older individuals might even think about Florida and the history of Cuban refugees making their way to the United States. However, the largest single international border between 2 countries in the entire world is the border between the United States and their neighbor to the north, Canada. So are there border control Canada agents?

What type of border control takes place on both sides? Read on to learn more.

A Brief History

There was actually a long period of time when the border between Canada and the United States was relatively unguarded, and individuals of both countries were free to travel back and forth without a visa or passport. Those days were obviously pre-September 11, and requirements for border crossing are much stricter now. However aside from being the largest international border between 2 nations in the world, it also once had the distinction of being the largest unguarded international border in the world. Fortunately, the relationship between the United States and Canada is still excellent – other world issues are what have caused these changes.

Traveling To Canada

Airport in Canada - Luggage checkFor individuals traveling to Canada it is important to realize that they do indeed have their own border security agency. The Canada Border Services Agency is the official government organization that is responsible for taking care of their side of border security which includes everything from import and export rules, securing their border from people they do not want entering the nation, to even putting out bulletins so border agents and law enforcement can keep an eye out for wanted individuals.

While it might be easy to dismiss Canadian border security, the truth is that they are highly trained professionals who often have law enforcement training, specialty training for dealing with borders, and many actually come from a military background. In other words, they are more than capable of securing the borders of the largest nation in the entire world.

Where To Find Identification Requirements

The proper identification needed to get into Canada actually varies based on what nation you are traveling from. Individuals traveling from nations that are known for having terrorist

issues are going to need more forms of identification and individuals who are from longtime allies with stable governments. This makes sense as any given threat is more likely to come from an unstable area as opposed to a conventional first world nation.

The good news is that unlike many government agencies and other nations the CBSA is fully up on using technology effectively and that means you can consistently find updates on their website on how border control Canada works and what changes are going into effect.

By checking up on their website found at http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/ you will be able to see what recent changes have been made, and what steps you need to take to be in compliance before your next border crossing.

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